Cease Being

by Of Concepts and Kings

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released August 14, 2014

Of Concepts And Kings is;

Connor Atkinson (Vocals)
Nick Harris (Guitar)
Calvin Nutt (Bass)
Cam Maclean (Guitar)
Thomas Wood (Drums)

All Lyrics/Music by Of Concepts and Kings
Engineered/Mixed by Jason Brum
Mastering by Joey Sturgis of The Foundation Studio and Brette Ciamara of Studio 344
Management courtesy of Jonny Blackwell of The Nocturnal Agency



all rights reserved


Of Concepts and Kings London, Ontario

Ontario's heaviest.

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Track Name: Kiss of Death
We look up to a sky that fails to respond, and as time passes I begin to lash out at those who spite my existence. Spit on the grave of the optimist.
Track Name: Cycle of Filth
And so it begins, this open letter to myself. The demons that take comfort in my soul have been set free to wreak havoc in the back of your mind. My intuition is a fucking fable; a feeble attempt at keeping my head on straight, from walking a-stray. Born adverse to the cycle of filth that society holds in high regard. I was built on false hope; son of an absentee guardian. The hand of compassion will forever push me aside. A relentless obsession for endless fucking suffering. There's no doubt in my mind that I wish your heart would stop beating. Put an end to me. Gun to my head; knife in your back.
Track Name: Nobodies
Keep swinging the shovel if you're dead set on my demise. No one will be able to hear your scream. Smile as I watch you sink. For years I played the ghost; swallowed my pride and made the most of the bullshit I've been fed. Since birth, inhibition lost. My mind begins to toss and turn. I'll only say it one more time; look me in the fucking eyes and tell me that I'm living life to my fullest potential, or if I'm even living at all. I know now where I stand on the issues at hand; six feet under the ground with a dead pulse in my fucking hands. Do you know what it's like to live for twenty years knowing nobody would care if I died tomorrow? It leaves me numb to know that the only person that ever gave a fuck about me was my own reflection. Like a moth to a flame, I'm becoming obsessed with the concept of no longer breathing. Every day everybody's trying to be somebody but at the end of it all we're just a bunch of fucking nobodies.
Track Name: Despondency
At very best, my existence is a passing phase; nothing more than a waste of space. Haunted by my short-comings, I'll make peace with the flames and put this world back on its pace. My mind is in a chokehold, and the grip ain't loosening. The clock is ticking. Time for the grand finale. My mind is wishing that I would die knowing that my existence was a bullshit lie. You wish that died in peace, but I'd rather die in pieces. It'd take so much more than the deaths of one thousand men for me to feel the remorse you beg for. One foot in the grave, one foot on the curb. An eye for an eye, a penny for your thoughts. Gouge out my eyes and let's call it a day. One strike of the match and all my thoughts will be at bay.
Track Name: Mouth Breather
Tell me you're satisfied with your meaningless life. All I know is that when I die, I'll rot away with the topsoil, and be at peace in the fucking ground; just a spec of dust in the grand scheme. Useless, pointless, destructive mouth breathers. My nihilistic mind is a collection of the hate I hold. May my reflection forever be a burden. Look me in the eyes as I fake a smile and softly say, "put me out of my misery". This house holds memories I have failed to repress. Fuck the thoughts in my head, the beat in my chest. Free will becomes a child's tale as the murderous echo of revenge makes a home in my thoughts.